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Simplicity - Durability - Cooling FIN Technology

StableArc Robotics

After spending more than 25 years in the welding industry, we decided it's time to revert back to how products were manufactured with the END USER in mind... 

As years past, the complexity of products increased making them more costly and virtually non repairable. 

Our primary focus was to create a line of AIR cooled robotic torches and  cleaning stations superior to all.

StableArc Robotic Products are the answer.

 StableArc products will improve your welding torch performance and lower your operating cost. 

Maximize Production & Minimize Downtime!

Improve your welding torch performance and lower operating cost by utilizing the "StableArc" consumable advantage. Our components are engineered to work together to deliver the highest cooling efficient AIR-COOLED robotic torch in the industry.

Our distinctive design will reduce arc start failures, improve arc stability and increase the life of your front end consumables.

Maximum thermal and electrical conductivity was "TOP OF MIND" when designing the "StableArc" systems.

Years of experience and voice of the customer are the reasons why StableArc is a proven winner.

Innovative Solutions

StableArc Air Cooled Robotic Torches


 Durability, Simplicity, Cooling Fin Technology....
It's Simple, Run Cooler - LAST LONGER
StableArc Consumables are specifically designed to minimize spatter adhesion and increase consumable performance, and we can PROVE it. Robotic Welding Torches Robotic Cleaning Stations

StableArc Robotic Cleaning Station


Top Feed Built In Wire Cutter, Self Contained Anti-Spatter Sprayer, PLC Logic Controlled.

The combination of StableArc torch and reaming station provides the highest cleaning efficiencies over all others. This unit is SMALL, POWERFUL and BUILT TO LAST.

StableArc Anti-Spatter BULK Dispensing Systems


Our BULK dispensing system is the perfect way to distribute fluid to multiple reaming stations, without the need to STOP production. Simply position the unit outside the work station and dispense up to 40ft. away.

Quick and Hassle Free Refilling Every Time.... It can't get much easier.

Technical Documents

The following PDF files are available for downloading at your request. Please indicate which files you would like, and we'll send those out immediately. 

StableArc Robotic "Conventional" Torch Brochure

StableArc Robotic "Conventional" Torch Tech Guide

StableArc Robotic "Direct Mount" Torch Brochure

StableArc Robotic "Direct Mount" Torch Tech Guide

StableArc Reamer Tech Guide

StableCoat BULK Delivery System

StableCoat MSDS Sheets

StableCoat Anti-Spatter Solution

Files coming soon.

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Don't let your consumables FLAT line your production!!!

StableArc Robotics

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StableArc and StableCut products are divisions of RSI Global Sourcing. We understand in todays world, time restrictions aren't possible. PLEASE contact us anytime.

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